Work Stress

By Dr. Zorender Hernandez Cabrera


Work-related stress has become one of the most frequent syndromes in the world of work. It threatens the health of one in five workers in the world (Freire Garabal, 2011).

75%of Mexicans suffer from work-related stress fatigue, surpassing countries like China and the United States.

Definition of Work Stress:

Work stress is one that occurs due to the excessive pressure that takes place in the work environment. Generally is: consequence of the imbalance between the labor requirement (also own) and the capacity or resources available to fulfill it efficiently

Current Status:

In the last 30 years, a series of changes have occurred that have in fl uenced work processes and work design. These changes of a sociodemographic, economic, political, technological and biological nature have originated new psychosocial risks at work that negatively affect the health of workers and their quality of working life, since they increase their levels of stress.


From the point of view of companies, work stress is an element to take into account since its effects can be serious:

  • Sharp drop in productivity.
  • Absenteeism
  • High employee turnover, which prevents a favorable organizational culture from being generated.
  • Decrease in the quality of the service / product.


  • Stress not only affects the health of your workers, but also affects the psychological behavior of staff and roles within the organization. The consequences can also occur in the different environments in which the worker participates, such as family, social, cultural, and political.
  • We can all suffer stress depending on what stage of our life we are in. It happens regularly in schools, at work and in our homes, affecting our interpersonal relationships. But we must not forget that there are different alternatives to combat this natural response.

Work stress test:

Work Stress
Work Stress


  • Job Stress Gestiopolis
  • Stress management by David Absalón Martínez Pozos
  • Occupational Health and Safety Prevention
  • IMSS test

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