In Grupo GAMI we have Psychologists specialized in different areas of psychology such as clinical, gerontological, organizational and educational with 10 years of experience, certified by REDCONOCER to teach training courses designed to the needs of your company in favor of developing skills and worker leadership.


Clinical Psychology

Our goal is to assign the right therapist to meet the needs of our patients, providing quality care to each of them from the beginning of their therapeutic process.

One-on-one therapy

Individual therapy

We have an office with an excellent location, safe and with the schedule adapted to your needs.

Online Therapy

You can access your therapy from anywhere with just one click or by touching the screen of your mobile device through the multiple platforms.

Organizational Psychology

Our goal is to provide psychological care to employees within the company, attending to the behavioral needs of each one of them, working together with related areas such as Human Resources and Safety and Hygiene to promote occupational health and reduce psychosocial effects caused by stress.

Psychometric tests and tests application

Identify capacities, competencies, abilities, personality and the attachment that the candidate has to the profile you need and that you are looking for for your work team through the application of psychometric tests or tests.

Test Batteries

Application, Qualification, Interpretation, Report

Talks and Training Courses

We design the course for you, knowing your needs so that you achieve the objectives of your organization, developing the skills of all your collaborators.

We Provide Free Advice, without commitment.

In Grupo GAMI We not only care about providing medical care with a general practitioner and top-level specialists, as well as taking care of the economic well-being of our clients; for this reason we have different benefits, such as: Alfa, Omega, Omega Elite, Check Ups and Medical Service for Companies.

Tested and Recommended by Our Clients

Thank you to all our associates and to the staff from GAMI that make this great effort possible.Up next, you will find some of our customers that are satisfied with our Business Medical Group.

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Stay up to date with the latest news from Grupo GAMI, medical advances, personal protective equipment, updates and information on our events Health Fair.

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